Epic Tier 2 Support

If you could instantly remove all support work from your Epic team….

  • Could you implement more features, optimizations, and enhancements?
  • Could you improve your end-user adoption and satisfaction?
  • Could you take the time to involve operational leadership in Epic build decisions?
  • Could you achieve HIMSS Stage 7?


Sustainable Solutions With Remote Epic Support

  • Right sized support tailored to your specific organizational needs (basic to advanced support options available).
  • System optimization & enhancement ideas are generated and regularly communicated back to you to support your changing needs.
  • Team expertise and approach resulting in best practice support – over 30 years of proven success.
  • LinkEHR’s consumption based pricing provides a flexible cost model.
  • LinkEHR delivers value while eliminating the overhead of travel expenses of other support firms.
  • LinkEHR’s model results in a higher average resource skillset, increased efficiencies, and an overall lower cost.

tier2 team

Our Team

LinkEHR certifications span the entire spectrum of Epic applications, giving us a well-balanced team with operational and technical skills to analyze and resolve the most complex of technical and workflow issues.