Epic Support Center

Epic Help Desk

LinkEHR offers varying tiers of support including an Epic Help Desk support level that we refer to as Epic Concierge Support. This highly trained Epic Help Desk offers a better solution for call center support. Our Epic Help Desk has a statistically proven call resolution rate, reducing the amount of calls going to your on-site analysts and increasing your end-user satisfaction while streamlining your problem escalations and resolutions.

Highly Trained

Our Epic Help Desk employees are given a wide breadth of training in Epic software ranging across all applications so that they can better support your organization. Our 12 week training program includes classroom training, workflow competency training and testing in live Epic training environments, over-the-shoulder call shadowing, and live call monitoring feedback. From day one our analysts are training within the system to better learn different approaches to tackling issues. Beyond their system training our Epic Help Desk analysts have access to a constantly evolving online Knowledge Base that houses key Epic workflow and organization specific information as well as a glossary of Epic terms for the analysts to reference.

Proven Success

Our Concierge Epic Help Desk Support doesn’t just rest on its laurels. Our current clients have experienced overwhelming success in increasing first call resolution rates as well as decreasing Epic Help Desk wait times. Our Epic Help Desk is also constantly learning and striving for higher achievement, further improving the end-user experience. The following statistics showing our performance for one of our clients proves the efficacy of our Epic Help Desk Support Staff.

Our Epic Help Desk call numbers speak for themselves. Our Concierge Epic Help Desk services consistently solve more than 40% of all Epic issues. By engaging our Epic Help Desk, clients have been able to reduce the number of support tickets going to their certified analysts by over 40%.

Superior Escalation

Not only can our Epic Help Desk Concierge service help in resolving Epic issues, they also are the front line for improving Epic Tier 2 escalations and identifying recurring Epic issues that can be targeted and improved.

Our Concierge Epic Help Desk staff works in close quarters with our Epic Tier 2 and Tier 3 support staff, and therefore our Epic Help Desk analysts can lean on and learn from the skills and experience of our certified Epic analysts. This co-location tends to provide better ticket resolution and information gathering prior to escalation for the benefit of both end-users and Tier 2 and Tier 3 certified analysts.  Our Concierge Epic Help Desk staff delivers on both higher FCR rates as well as better ticket intake and initial documentation for escalated issues improving both end-user and analyst satisfaction.