LinkEHR was formed because of our desire to offer unique ideas and information technology solutions to the growing needs of the healthcare industry. Our team consists of highly experienced individuals with in-depth knowledge of the technology and trends who are engaged in a variety of challenging implementation and support projects for our customers. We are passionate about our customers and are committed to delivering results with excellence in customer satisfaction!

Epic Go Live and Help Desk Support Services

Services include:

  • Basic to advanced support options (All levels and Epic applications)
  • Right-sized support tailored to your specific organizational needs
  • MyChart maintenance
  • Community Connect support
  • SER maintenance
  • Reporting support
  • System optimization & enhancement
  • Process improvement and continuously updated issues knowledge base
  • Implementation and upgrade build & testing
  • Epic Go Live Support


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Raji did an awesome job here. This report pulls the entire enterprise guarantor discrepancies which is a good thing. We’re able to follow up and educate the entire company on a daily basis now.

June 1, 2016


Quality Service


Our innovative and high-quality service lines allow us to meet the needs of your organization in a very rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Fast Epic Support


From an Epic-smart analyst answering the phone to lightning fast issue resolution times, we will keep your end-users supported while also increasing adoption and satisfaction.

Knowledgeable Epic Help


Our 100% on-shore Epic help desk and support center is staffed with experts in both Epic application support and Epic operational workflows.



The experience to know the right answer, NOW, without the added costs of an onsite Epic consultant.

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